Data log – 2/24/19

Roughly chronologically, this past Sunday:

  1. My iPhone logs when my alarm went off and how many times I pressed the snooze button.
  2. I send conversation data to Apple via iMessage. I also generate data about my location and device usage, which is possibly anonymized and sold/distributed to third parties.
  3. I adjust the temperature on my thermostat and take a shower, which sends data to Eversource to tell them how much energy I have used and how much they should bill me.
  4. I also use a shower speaker to listen to podcasts in the bathroom. My podcast app collects data on what I’m listening to, for how long, etc and shares it with third parties.
  5. Does the act of being alive count as a data point? By consuming resources and expelling waste, I am also producing data (e.g. environmental studies monitoring the production of CO2).
  6. When I take the bus to Allston, I share data with the MBTA about my (or, my CharlieCard’s) whereabouts.
  7. On the bus, I am also captured by the CCTV cameras. On my walk to/from the bus stop, I’m sure I am captured on other cameras as well.
  8. I’m sure I open my social media and email apps numerous times during this trip. Here, I create data that can be turned into information about my interests, my network, how I spend my time, where I am, and so on.
  9. I visit a coffeeshop where my partner works. I don’t give transaction data (because the meal is free) but, as my order is entered as a comp order, I generate data about the # of free meals being given out that day. That is also stored by the third party point-of-sale service.
  10. More cameras in the coffeeshop. Perhaps this footage goes to the owners, but I suspect it also goes to some sort of hosting service/server on its way back to those folks.
  11. Back at home, I open up my browser to look up a recipe for beef stew. My machine and browser collect data on me, as does the website I visit and any third-parties I bump into.
  12. I go to the grocery store and give Market Basket my transaction data as I buy some food. I also give my bank data about this transaction – perhaps they share that with third parties, too?
  13. I cook and give more data away, thru the same podcast and energy routes as before.
  14. While I eat and watch Netflix, I am creating data about my watch and browse patterns.
  15. Going to bed, I set my alarm for Monday morning – generating more data to be stored in my iPhone and passed on to Apple and others.