Data Log – 25th Feb, 2019

Following are the data I created on 25th Feb, 2019



Alarm Clock

Weather Forecast

Calendar – Both schedule for today / to do list for the week

Battery usage

App engagement (Wechat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Cloud Music, Messenger, Ebay, Taobao etc)

Website I visited (Google & Google attachment, Hupu etc)
Emails received and sent



Website I visited (Google & Google attachment, Stellar, MyHarvard, Harvary Libray, Ebay, Hupu etc)

Photo modification in Photoshop

Sending photos via wetransfer

Homework assignment


Financial Calculation

Grocery Shopping at Market Basket (-$33.13)

Winning auction at Ebay (-$89.99)

Diecast model sold on Taobao (transfer RMB into USD on calculation, +$238.9)

Dudley House lunch & Dinner (-$25.2)


Portrait photography shots for 13 ADPD students

Class attendence


6733 steps on foot

3.1 miles on bike


Water usage

Electricity usage