My Digital Log for Sunday 

The time I slept at night (if I use my Fitbit while sleeping)
The time I woke up (using alarm from my phone)
Today’s weather info
The time I used to check my calendar
The time I used to find the location to meet with my friend Sarah using Google map
The time and location I required uber to a restaurant and took the T back
By the end of the day, I also collected
  • The total km I walked and calories I burned (using Fitbit)
  • The time I used my iPhone/iPad screen (productivity/entertainment etc)
  • The total amount of calories I gained through food
  • The total amount of dollars I used
The conversations I have had with friends
The assignment I was working on
The photo image I took for an event
The video I recorded for an event
Social Media:
The time I liked/posted something on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
The playlist listened to Spotify