My Digital Data Log on a Regular Sunday

I created the following types of data on Sunday, 2/24:

  • What time I woke up (when I turned off my alarm and started actively using my phone)
  • The distance and time I ran on the treadmill (assuming the treadmill has some sort of data log)
  • When I entered a T station
  • When and where I bought coffee and lunch, what items I purchased and how much they cost
  • When I called an Uber/Lyft and my location during this time period
  • When I tapped into my dorm and other dorms on campus
  • When I bought groceries, where I bought them, and which items I purchased
  • How much I walk over the course of the day
  • What food I ate (I have a food diary app to track what I eat throughout the day)
  • Which songs I listened to on Spotify, when, and on which device
  • Who I sent text messages or facebook messages to (or received from) and the content of those messages
  • What times I called people and how long the calls were
  • Which shows I watched on Netflix and for how long
  • When I listened to podcasts online
  • What I Google searched
  • What Google Docs/Sheets I wrote in, who it was shared with, and when they were edited